What we offer

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Business Intelligence

We know and appreciate that the key to thriving in a competitive marketplace is staying ahead of the competition. Today, we provide data analysis, reporting, and query tools that help businesses wade through a sea of data to synthesize valuable information from it. Through Business Intelligence (BI), we provide a broad category of applications and technologies for historical, current, and predictive views of business operations through gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data with the view to help enterprises make better business decisions.

IT Consulting Services

Premium ESOWP Limited provides the following consulting services: Information Technology (IT) Consulting, Business and Technology, and Management Information System Services. IT security and control, disaster recovery planning. We guide and advise businesses on how best to use information technology for planning and decision control to meet their business objectives. In addition to providing advice, we also implement, deploy, and administer IT systems.

ESOWP1 Network OS

Have you heard about the long awaited ESOWP 1 Network Operating System? It is now available for use but will be officially launched by January 20, 2017. Rush to join the leading technological cloud tool. No need of installing applications on several Standalone Systems or carry your Laptops about that will bother you to use when out of station. ESOWP 1 Network OS will permit one to install his/her working Software Application on the online server and it will be used anywhere; no Virus attacks on files. Many other features will be available for one to enjoy.

Software Development

We develop full range of timely custom services of an intelligent software systems using the modern software engineering methodologies. The software range from simple application to more robust enterprise application for automation of business processes.

IT Training

We provide the following training to our clients based on the modern technological tools used for designing and development of Software and Web Apps. Java Programming Language C++ Programming Language C# Programming Language Adobe CS6 IDE (CSS, PHP, JavaScripts) Back en server side Database tools: WAMP/Xampp AJAX XML API integration tools, etc.

Web Development

Our Web application development services include a simple content web site applications to the most complex web-based Internet Applications, such as: e-businesses, social network services, Educational management System, Enterprise Resource Planning, etc. The web solution we offer is very responsive, making it usable/accessible with any browse-able network devices.

Mobile Development

We Offer custom mobile application sevices with an expansive set of competences to meet your enterprise needs.

Hardware Development

Our Elegant team work together to achieve and deploy hardware technologies that will assist you meet your business needs. The hardware Services we provide includes Internet set up, Smart device development, Smart House, Card Chip-based, Smart Card, etc.

IT Outsourcing

We understand that growth is the sole objective of any establishment. Premium ESOWP outsourcing team offers a great advantage to any business type ranging from large scale to small scale enterprises who require IT expert assistance for analysis, development and deployment of ICT programs and applications to reduce cost by using automated processes in their various organizations. We assure you skilled IT professionals should you need them for employment.