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We are ESOWP, a creative group that specialises on Business Inteligence, I.T. Outsourcing etc.

Our Services

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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
We provide access to the data that helps enterprises make better business decisions…
Software Development
Software Development
We develop full range of timely custom services of intelligent software system
Hardware Development
Hardware Development
We offer Web solutions, making it usable, accessible with any browsable network device
IT Outsourcing
IT Outsourcing
IT OUTSOURCING Our team provides I.T expert assistance for analysing the development of ICT programs

Our Values

Our Products
Boldwallet, a product of premium ESOWP Limited is a payment gateway that is an IOT solution. It is a multi-channel payment gateway that facilitates online transactions. They access the most advanced payment solutions from one global company, eliminating the need for fragmented payment capabilities.
Premium ESOWP electronic development refers to the use of artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to design, develop and implement electronic systems that are intelligent and capable of making good decisions. They create products that are more efficient, effective and responsive.
SEMS as a product of Premium ESOWP Limited is a software designed to support and automate administrative tasks in state educational institutions which covers various aspects of state educational management such as student registration, course scheduling, and grade management. It creates time for teachers and administrators to focus on delivering quality education and improving student outcomes.
Premium ESOWP Limited provides ie-library which is a digital collection of books, magazines, journals, and other types of multimedia content. It allows users to access a vast array of information from anywhere with an internet connection. The content can be downloaded, read online, or accessed through dedicated e-readers. An electronic library offers several benefits such as 24/7 availability, searchability, and cost-effectiveness.
Premium ESOWP Limited provides an intelligent education management system that helps to analyze students’ behavior and performance to identify strengths and weaknesses. They improve learning outcomes by providing an effective learning environment that is responsive to the changing needs of students, faculty, and the broader educational community.
This is a product of Premium ESOWP Limited that is designed to support and enhance the learning process. With the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, they provide adaptive learning experiences for students. They analyze student behavior and performance and also offers helps to educators to create and manage digital learning content, assess student progress and provide feedback.
Premium ESOWP Limited introduces software designed to streamline and automate administrative tasks in an educational institution. It covers various aspects of school operation such as student registration, attendance tracking, grade management, financial accounting, and communication which helps to save time, reduce manual effort and improve data accuracy for both teachers and parents.